Sent: Mon, Aug 3, 2009 9:14 am
Subject: Rain Barrels Thank You

Hi Richard,
How is everything going?  I�ve been meaning to send you a thank you letter/email for donating the barrels/containers to Greater Newark Conservancy for our Community and School Gardening program.  We have recently prepared ten of the barrels to be used at our community gardens and also special projects throughout the city.  There is currently one at South 10th St. Community Garden and 4th Street Community Garden.  This week I will be dropping one off to Littleton Ave. Community Garden and Van Velsor Place Children�s Garden.
I can�t thank you enough for your generosity.  Many of our community gardeners rely solely on the rain barrels for collecting water to water their plants and grow food for themselves.  I don�t know what the Conservancy would do without your generous donation. You�ve enabled us to achieve our objective of greening the city and helping residents to create lush community and school gardens.   Thanks so much.  Hope to talk to you soon.
Lee Stronstorff
Community Greening Coordinator
Greater Newark Conservancy
972 Broad Street,  8th Floor
Newark, NJ  07102
Phone: (973)642-4646 ext.31
Fax: (973)642-2218
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