On behalf of Lee Stronstorff and the rest of the Greening Department at the Greater Newark Conservancy, we would like to extend a sincere thank you for the continued donation of barrels to our agency. With your donation, we are able to convert the barrels into rain barrels, collecting up to 55 gallons of water in each one. This helps immensely with watering the 21 lots we are converting into community gardens, as well as many other projects that are underway across the city of Newark. As community gardening and urban farming are becoming mainstays across Newark, every donation to the Conservancy helps us continue to spread our mission of promoting environmental stewardship and improving the quality of life in New Jerseys urban communities. I have attached some photos of the converted rain barrels, which we will be distributing to various lots across the city into the spring. The barrels are a very popular addition to all gardens, and we have even begun to paint some of them to make them even more decorative in our childrens gardens. We hope to maintain this trend, and want to thank you again for your continued support and donations.


Laura Regan

Greater Newark Conservancy

Community Greening Assistant

973.642.4646 ext 25