Hi Richard,

I am sooooooooo happy.   Finally.......after months and months of HUNTING for my Mom's favorite kind of coconut.........I have 10 pounds of "her kind" sitting in my home!   I am so pleased with this whole process....from ordering to receiving...and the product is wonderful.  It's my favorite kind also (fancy sweetened shredded)....but I am not quite a "selective" as she is.  You are making an 83 year old lady (who makes the best coconut cream pies in the world) happy!   ;) 
The Fed Ex man came at around 9:30 this morning.  What a blessing!  Thanks for providing this service.
God bless! 
Jean Hinebaugh

New Concord, Ohio

Hi Richard,
This coconut is fabulous. It arrives well packed in a 10 lbs box. I was at my wit's ends trying to find great coconut in large quantities. So many shredded coconut that I have tried were flat, dull and broken down into small minced shreds. By the time you bake it, my desserts looked like clumps. So I was desperate and started searching on the internet for another source. To my surprise, I found this coconut through Amazon. I ordered the sweetened fancy shred coconut. It has a wonderful quality. The coconut shreds are large and hold up well when baked. Richard is highly responsive to email inquiries. I just placed my second order for an additional 20 lbs.

Elise Aube

L A, California

I ordered sweetened shredded coconut from International Coconut to be used in the preparation of coconut shrimp and chicken.The shredded coconut that I received was of very good quality and it was shipped promptly. I recommend this company to anyone that needs shredded coconut.

Ed N.

Saugerties, NY

The coconut arrived quickly and my dad was very excited. He is a baker of 65 years and was looking for Macaroon coconut to bake date bars and princess slices for the holidays. YUM!! Thank goodness we had Christmas twice this years and it came in time for the second Christmas. It was great!


Melinda Waltrip

McKinney, TX

The yummiest coconut I have ever had. Fresh, sweet and delicious!!  

Leslie Evans

Palm Beach Gardens, FL